A short history of Eindhoven

Titel A short history of Eindhoven
Omschrijving Preface:

This short history of Eindhoven has been written for foreigners interested in the local history, who visit our town or live here for a short time.. Only essentials could be dealt with, some things of less importance however are mentioned in order te illustrate certain developments. We did not aim at completeness, not even in the choice of the mail events. We wanted to sketch some social-economic aspects of the town history and the developmental history of the shapes of habitation. Dutch readers will miss in our story persons and facts dear to them. We passed them by because our choice was made for the convenience of foreign readers. We are indebted to mr. J. Geevers (town hall official) and Father H. van Agt M.H. for correcting the English text.


  • Preface
  • The Natural Environment
  • Prehistory
  • The beginning of modern occupation (650-1000 A.D.)
  • The birth and the early growth of the town (1000-1500 A.D.)
  • Centuries of war and misery (1500-1800)
  • Slow recovery (1815-1850)
  • Revival (1850-1890)
  • The birth of a new Eindhoven (1890-1930)
  • Crisis and war (1930-1945)
  • Repair and renewal (after 1945)
Uitgever Gemeentearchief Eindhoven
Jaar 1975
Aantal pagina’s 43
  • Algemene geschiedenis
  • Archeologie
  • Cultuurgeschiedenis
  • Economische en sociale geschiedenis
  • Gebouwen en architectuur
  • Nijverheid en industrie
  • De Kempen (NL)
  • Zuid-oost Brabant
  • Eindhoven
Locatie 02-3
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